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Cons - June Bug CD [OEM]

Cons – June Bug CD [OEM]

June Bug is the third solo LP from East London emcee / producer and one fourth of The Colony - Cons... also known as Conspicuous. Cons has returned with a 12 track LP to follow up 2007's highly acclaimed The Family Photo Album. This time opting to hand over all production credits to some UK heavyweight beatmakers such as A H Fly, Apollo, Evil Ed, Apatight, S.Chu, M-Dot, Shears and S-Type, Cons has continued the soulful theme that has been the foundation of his previous work.

Blak Twang - Speaking From Xperience LP [Abstract Urban]

Blak Twang – Speaking From Xperience LP [Abstract Urban]

Twang’s back again (‘…Although I never left, I’m takin’ my seat back / Back with a spring in my step, back in my element…’) with his fourth album release, fifth if you count the never-released-due-to-label-problems, promo only ‘Dettwork SouthEast’. ‘Speaking From Xperience’ is an aptly named volume of work, and a hefty tome at that. Frankly, I recoil at the thought of reviewing an album with 18 tracks proper (24 counting skits). How can I possibly listen to that much music and assess it all at once? ‘Tis pretty hard, but I’ve started now haven’t I?



Without a doubt TOR is one of the most aspiring Female MC’s to ever come out of the UK, her sheer determination is evident through every track and her voice is unmistakable. Taking the ranks alongside the UK’s biggest female exports like Ms Dynamite and Lady Sovereign TOR is definitely going to the top and fast.

Yes King - Biography

Yes King – Biography

The brainchild of production duo Mark Rae and Rhys Adams, Yes King fuse a melée of styles from hip hop, dancehall, ragga and ska into their own unique brand. Mark Rae has long been a figurehead of the UK music scene following the success of his first production outfit Rae & Christian, the establishment of the former Grand Central Records and Manchester’s Fat City record shop.