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Ne-Yo's Sister Nikki Smith

Ne-Yo’s Sister Nikki Smith

R&B singer Nikki Smith discovered her singing and song-writing gift at a young age inspired by ledgends Anita Baker and Sherily Merdock. Nikki also made her own tunes with her mother on her grandmother's piano. In Las Vegas at the age of nine she began to realise that her music talents were superior. She along with her older brother NE-YO joined a family non-profit organization called "Kids For A Better Society" which was started by her uncle.

Ali Vegas - Biography

Ali Vegas – Biography

Sky is blue like a pig's eye / Birds chirp like a lady that just got raped by ten guys / Nigga's die over rumors and lies / What a beautiful day. – Ali Vegas age 6. It was these prolific words from the mouth of a six year old, that prompted Tosha to put his young cousin's words on a t-shirt, documenting the first rhyme of an artist who would, one day, come to be known as one of hip-hop's lyrical legends.