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DJ Killer Tomato And Mayor - UK Exports MP3 [Associated Minds]

DJ Killer Tomato And Mayor – UK Exports MP3 [Associated Minds]

The UK is strong if you look at the moment. There is stuff out there to check behind all the fluff available as well. Associated Minds are one of the labels that consistently come up with the goods. Today they drop a brand new mix from UK DMC finalist Killer Tomato and Mayor featuring some of the UK's finest hip-hop producers and emcees. These should all be names you are aware of and all are artists who know how to smash their sector and never compromise their commitment to the craft and style.

Pimp My Vauxhall

Pimp My Vauxhall

When I was told that Vauxhall were sponsoring a series of competitions to find the best undiscovered talent in the fields of UK urban dance and vocals, I was understandably sceptical.  Since time immemorial (okay, maybe not that long but it’s been a while), old men in suits have been on a remorseless mission to associate mediocre products with all that’s hip, happening and street, with results that could politely be described as “mixed”.