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MKD - Quality Over Quantity LP [UK Runnings & Jailhouse Records]

MKD – Quality Over Quantity LP [Jailhouse Records]

MKD has been active on the Birmingham Hip-Hop scene now for over decade, starting out as a member of Royalist back in 2000. He has been steadily making a name for himself now as a solo artist too, with a string of credible collaborations with artists up and down the UK, as well as national support from radio stations, mixtape deejays and some of the UK's most respected Hip-Hop websites and blogs. MKD is solidified as an integral part of the flourishing Birmingham Hip-Hop scene.

B-iLLA ft. Big Dutty Deeze - Paper Thugz [UK Runnings]

B-iLLA ft. Big Dutty Deeze – Paper Thugz [UK Runnings]

After the underground success of 'Illa Tapes Volume One', the Cambridge brothers Mistah Biggz and Dillahman a.k.a B-iLLA are back! Here we get their brand new track and music video taken from their much anticipated mixtape release 'Brothers In Bars' with the UK's leading UK Hip-Hop mixtape series UK Runnings. 'Brothers In Bars' is hosted by long time UK producer and mixtape deejay Tricksta and promises to be something special from this talented duo. B-iLLA have arrived.

Lifescarz - Rise Of The General CD [UK Runnings]

Lifescarz – Rise Of The General CD [UK Runnings]

Northampton based rapper and producer Lifescarz M.I.C Terror is a name you need to get used to and has already been tipped as one of the main UK artists you need to look out for in 2012. His new mixtape "Rise Of The General" is hosted by Tricksta from the legendary UK Runnings mixtape series and features some killer features from the likes of Farma G from Taskforce, Malik from Moorish Delta 7, Ill Murk, Caesar, Council Kids and many more and well as some tough production from Gemini Beat Exporterz and  Lifescarz himself.

Collective Underground - Cosmic Thieves [Video]

Collective Underground – Cosmic Thieves [Video]

As a follow up and to promote their debut mixtape UK Runnings Presents: Urban Poetry Vol 1, we see the release of a fresh new music video to provide a smooth visual to the laid back track Cosmic Thieves. This music video sees the two talented emcees who make up Collective Undergroud working together with their good friends at Sick Guy Films to release a music video that is a little different to the hood videos the two have featured in previously as solo artists.

UK Runnings - Urban Kaos (Hosted by Tricksta) [Audio]

UK Runnings – Urban Kaos (Hosted by Tricksta) [Audio]

Tricksta is back with another free download mixtape to do what he does best. promote the realness from the UK scene and that he does well on this brand new mixtape sponsored by Sturban Clothing. Featuring twenty-five tracks this is a collection of cutting edge Hip-Hop is mixed and hosted by Tricksta, the UK mixtape deejay and producer destined for big things as he preps the release of his forthcoming album 'Out Of Darkness Cometh Light'.

UK Runnings Presents Digital Revolution - Volume 6 - Hosted by Skriblah DanGogh LP [UK Runnings]

UK Runnings Presents Digital Revolution – Volume 6 – Hosted by Skriblah DanGogh LP [UK Runnings]

It's been over a year since Tricksta dropped a volume of his UK Runnings 'Digital Revolution' mixtape series, as he took a break to complete his debut album 'Out Of Darkness Cometh Light', an explosive sixteen track album that features over forty-five UK Rappers. Now signed to leading UK urban label RGS Entertainment, Tricksta's alum is now due for release in the Spring 2012. So back at it, and the series that has so far seen LATE host volume one, M9 host volume two, Tbear host volume three, Big Cakes host volume four and Iron Braydz host volume five, is finally back.

Deeze – The Re-Birth CD [Wolftown]

Most of you will already know Deeze’s name from his previous two releases, ‘The Pre-Turn’ hosted and mixed by Tricksta from UK Runnings and his last release ‘The Re-Turn’. Deeze has already been making noise with radio support coming from the likes of HHB Radio and Ram Jam Radio as well as getting blazing reviews all the leading Hip-Hop websites such as Rago Magazine, Hip-Hop Kings, Stand Up UK, 100 Per Cent UK, UKHHF, From Tha Gutta, Mixtapez Matter, Worldwide-Grind, Certified Banger and many more.

Miss Tofelees and Big Si - Life and Music Volume Three EP [Indie]

Miss Tofelees and Big Si – Life and Music Volume Three EP [Indie]

Huddersfield based female producer Miss Tofelees has been making a name for herself over the last few years working with some of the UK’s best underground MC’s such as Dabbla from London Zoo, Big Cakes and Manny Moscow as well as her production has featured on mixtapes from UK Runnings, Certified Banger and DJ Ames. Miss Tofelees is definitely a producer to be looking out for in 2011 with a barrage of releases planned for the UK Hip-Hop scene.