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DJ Pager - The Running Man CD [Bedroomhead]

DJ Pager – The Running Man CD [Bedroomhead]

Welcome to DJ Pager’s world. After a short introduction, Little Vic transports you into his battling universe. Keyboard sounds are combined with swinging beats and crazy scratches. The instrumentals intensify the battling atmosphere. The lyrics remind us of an intense spiritual battle against the demons. Enjoy the contrast between light and dark, good and evil. Little Vic keeps it lyrical during the whole track.

Ghost - Seldom Seen Often Heard [Video]

Ghost – Seldom Seen Often Heard [Video]

A hip-hop producer and DJ of over ten years experience, Ghost's first 12", Ghost Stories, came out in 2002 and introduced Ghost's deeply musical approach. He developed his blueprint of hip hop with a nod to the past and an eye firmly on the future as 2 more singles followed on Breakin Bread and a number of his productions for MC's came out on other labels (Lowlife, Receptor, Suspect-Packages).