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Silvar - Searching 12" [Razeone]

Silvar – Searching 12″ [Razeone]

I could write this review with one line: Silvar - not for fans of Hip Hop. I won't just leave it at that though; you need to know why. If I'm not mistaken 'Searching' is produced by Sermstyle who can produce decent Hip Hop beats. Instead for this release someone decided that synthy-dance-mulch based beats would do. It's obvious this is aimed at folk who listen to the radio and go to see X Factor winners in concert but I doubt this will even cut it with them - it's a bit too mundane.

Project Talent

Project Talent

In an age where the talent competition and reality entertainment show rule, the winners are seldom the contestants, as unequipped young people enter into a fickle industry unprepared for the harsh realities of the entertainment and music business. As the anti-thesis of the X Factor, Project Talent is working to change that.