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DJ Vadim Presents The Electric ft. Yarah Bravo - Beautiful CD [O.G.S]

DJ Vadim Presents The Electric ft. Yarah Bravo – Beautiful CD [O.G.S]

If you havent already heard the whispers around town since they supported Fat Freddys Drop on their European Tour, The Electric are a fresh new group spearheaded by the renowned beat-taster DJ Vadim. Known for travelling the globe in search of the best musical influences, Daddy Vad has united superb artists, UK soulstress Sabira Jade and lyrical marvel MC Pugs Atomz, to make a truly international collective, saturated with harmony and flavour.

Yarah Bravo - Biography

Yarah Bravo – Biography

From smoky poetry bars to hip hop ciphers, a voice can be heard, a voice that is slowly rising itself up from underground mix tapes to vinyl crates, from stages to the airwaves. Her style is soulful and sweet but yet powerful and strong, she is a vocalist as well as a lyricist and knows how to use both sides of the coin well. If you haven't already heard of Yarah Bravo, It's about time you pay attention.

Soundclash presents: OneSelf

Soundclash presents: OneSelf

Unfortunately for us Brits, one of the most interesting and progressive hip hop groups relocated to Brooklyn NYC earlier this year. So it will be a rare treat to catch this supergroup back in London for the release of their new EP ‘Organically Grown’ This should be an absolutely huge show as we have the first opportunity to catch some of the new material that up until now only American audiences have been privileged to hear…