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Confucious MC - The Highest Order LP [YNR]

Confucious MC – The Highest Order LP [YNR]

The debut album from Confucius MC entitled 'The Highest Order' dropped a couple of weeks back in May, exclusively on YNR, but we still needed to bring you this information. The album is a rare trans-channel Hip Hop collaboration with Parisian beat-smith Keor Meteor; who's smoky boom-bap provides the perfect sound-scape for Con's cerebral picture-painting. Eloquently constructed rhymes laid over a backdrop of atmospheric, cinematic production.

Micall Parknsun

Micall Parknsun

Micall Parknsun the 'working class dad' has just dropped his latest LP entitled Me Myself & Akai on YNR. Its a banger and stands out as something special. Parky has put this together doing both the beats and the vocals and has excelled on both counts. Max Weldon caught up with him to find out more and dropped a few questions in Parky's direction. Read on to find out what he had to say.

Jehst - The Illest (Live in London) MP3 [YNR]

Jehst – The Illest (Live in London) MP3 [YNR]

If you haven't been lucky enough to catch the YNR General Jehst with his incredible full live band, we have a little taster of what you've been missing. The band demonstrate exactly how to take live Hip-Hop to a completely different plateau; smashing through an epic rendition of 'The Illest' (taken from 2011's 'The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family' in this brand new video by emerging director Tarun Thind.

Telemachus - The Sheltering Sky / The Light 12" [YNR]

Telemachus – The Sheltering Sky / The Light 12″ [YNR]

Telemachus is the alter-ego of London based producer Chemo, who has been steadily building a reputation as one of the UK's go-to producers. The Sheltering Sky is the second single taken from Telemachus' forthcoming debut LP In The Evening featuring vocals from Jehst. This is a brooding slice of cinematic Hip Hop, an epic soundtrack for Jehst's double-edged wordplay, taking the listener on a desert journey across foreign sands.

Jehst - The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family LP [YNR]

Jehst – The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family LP [YNR]

Any fan of UK hip Hop has been hearing about the brewing of this album for years now and it’s finally here! Well, almost.

I feel very privileged to have a very early press copy of this album and after hearing it, I couldn’t wait to let you all know how damn good it is. Yes, its true. This is the Jehst that we all know and love and he has managed to bring us a full length album of new tracks that hit all of the right buttons.