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AC - Prophecy For Profit EP [Indie]

AC – Prophecy For Profit EP [Indie]

For those of you who don't know about Northwest London emcee AC you really do need to get switched on to this incredibly dedicated and passionate artist. This new five track EP from AC is the official prelude to his brand new album 'Keep It Together' which is currently just getting the finishing touches and is due out soon. It sees AC team up with producer Deadman Walkn who gives up four brilliant beats and who has worked with the likes of Genesis Elijah, Wordsmiff, Terra Slim.

AC of AC and Terra

AC of AC and Terra

Having started out back in the day at Jungle Raves AC and Terra have continually done their own independent thing and achieved impressive sales. How would you classify these men? Well they are on the more Grime tip, but also have the lyrical skills to deliver Hip Hop verses as well. We talked to one half of the crew AC and found out what he had to say in advance the release of their Youthanasia LP…

AC and Terra Ft. Genesis Elijah - So Rowdy [Audio]

AC and Terra Ft. Genesis Elijah – Get Rowdy [Audio]

AC from AC & Terra dropped by to give us an update and leave a copy of their new track 'Get Rowdy'. So far they have sold a respectable 19,000 copies of their mix CD 'Human Trash' on the streets. And so in order to do a bit of promotion for their forthcoming LP we have the So Rowdy track available for download for a limited two month period for our members.