4 The Culture Records - Tales From Nitty City

Peterborough based independent label 4 The Culture Records have just dropped their the brand new mixtape “Tales From Nitty City“. With in-house production by Inos and mixing by Sarkastik Hound they have collaborated with a number of MCs for this heavy offering.

Produced by: Inos
Mix and mastered by: Sarkastik Hound


Sarkastik Hound

4 The Culture Records

Mr Melta – Where The Devil Dines

Roso Solo, Werdz Werth, Scrolls The Mystic, Mr B, Free 1s Mind, Mr Melta and RichDoctor – Who???

RhymeCULT – Get Busy

Free 1s Mind – Cuttin Headz

Werdz Werth – The Black Lodge

RichDoctor – Dick Like a Dildo

Tutpic Megalops – In Da Mist

Free 1s Mind – Serendipity

Cracker Jon x RenelOfficial – Heat up the Scene

Cracker Jon


OmarTKIF – Buck a Friend

RhymeCULT – RhymeCULT Cypher

Free 1s Mind

Mr Scrolls

Mr B


Mr Melta x Free 1s Mind – Bridge to the Boro

Mr Melta

Free 1s Mind

Werdz Werth x OmarTKIF – Take it Back

RenelOfficial x Penna – Tales From Nitty City

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