Frisco Boogie ft. Billy Biznizz - B.A.R.S.

Veteran Nottingham based MC and ex. Lost Island member Frisco Boogie is throwing out some tracks that he didn’t release as singles. The first of these is B.A.R.S  (Beautiful Artistic Rhyme Skills) which features a thunderous bass and sharp strings.

This unreleased track also features O.G. DJ Billy Biznizz on the cuts.

Frisco Boogie


Hook -Beautiful – Artistic – Rhyme -Skills

I’m writing bars like I’m seeing stars not the solar um talking the nas and j colers lama’s the real mic controllers, the street scripture solders, penning picture till the day is older, unless the name on the bullets scolded I’m writing like i got things to say, travel back and barricade the babel tower so that we can all relate, writing bars like I’m suicidal, swimming in tsunami tidals, gasping for my last recital, I’m writing like a dying man’s last requests, , choosing my words like last meals on the rows of death, bars are written like the scriptures of the old test, if words were holly water every time I spit ya blessed, I’m writing bars like I’m undressed no disguise, writing bars at times with tears in my eyes Still write like shake spear with veins full of propane, at night with candle light but know I blow out the flame.

I’m writing Bars like I’m in the cypher swinging for my lifer, with mike Tyson ear biters ,and on the rope snipers Writing dem bars like I’m trying to escape the life reality and strife, the days with no light, I write like I’m under pressure, like every word is measured, like every sentence uncovers a box of treasure. I’m writing bars like a killers s memoir’s detailed and graphic ,because realities of life are tragic writing bars like I’m under siege,⁸ every quotables a hostage released, every words a weapon of peace, I’m writing like the words of the decease, , people listen for what they receive a dead mans will and deeds, I’m writing like 10 hail Marys, to a catholic priest forgiving the sins of the beasts I write like Shakespeare with veins full of propane at night with candle light till I out burn blow out the flame.

I’m writing like a murder mystery like I’m re-writing history every syllables a saga that I speak, I’m writing like I’m at my peek with a few final tweaks no need for come backs like spinal leaks Bars are written with precision, like a final mission kamikaze hittin’ every time I’m spittin’ I’m write bars cause I love this shit, that’s it I write bars cause hip-hop exists.

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