Kulez - Collide [Audio]

Sometimes we forget how core heavy hip hop can be. How it can grind against the cartilage of our emotions and perceptions of our country and leave us in a osteoarthiritus of admittance in reality. If you want to listen to one track, genre regardless, today, this week. This is the one you need. 'Collide' seems typical in its guitar riffs and smooth chorus vocals.

But Battle Norwich, Scribble Jam and Jumpoff Champion, Kulez is using the usual ingredients to make something you won't forget in a minute. The track is still true to the man, but gives us a whole different feeling to any of his other work.

The photo standing confidently beside the track on the myspace page shows us a harrowing image of the 7/7 bombings. Yet the track itself covers way more. It is not following one title, one idea or one picture. Every line is relatable, effective and lays down to make a perfect bridge for the next. "R.I.P. Graffiti on the road signs, see murder's tough to deal with, especially when it's amongst the children".

This track doesn't seem as constricted or planned as most of those attempting to cover similar content. It is an honest citizen expressing their honest views in a way they have proven they've got some real gift for. Kulez is getting through to us spoken poet style. But its so easy to get, while being so hard to take. And that proves it. It's got to be the truth.

Be sure to catch Kulez live at:

  • Bromley Dryslope, London on 16th August
  • Milton Keynes on 23rd August
  • Outlook Festival, Zadar, Croatia on 29th August
  • Leeds on 13th September
  • Black Sheep Bar, Croydon on 14th September

By: Nino


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