Wild Samson - Earl Grey Muskets

Wild Samson‘s tenth instalment ‘Earl Grey Muskets‘. This is a seven-track project that shows the different styles that Wild Samson is about. Enlisting the help of some of the Hip Hop scene’s unsung heroes, we get some amazingly intricate and brilliantly crafted production from the likes of Yo Red, Who Dis, Beatenaunt, Midas Cash, Sunday and Thugs Bunny.

It’s no secret that Wild Samson knows how to pick a beat, but here this collection of music all gels together making it sound more like a movie score than an artist release. The only features on this project come from Nyark Music artists Hazz and Airklipz, giving this more of a tight family feel in its approach.

From the off to the very end this release impresses… its a fact that ‘Earl Grey Muskets’ is a musical masterpiece. 

Wild Samson

Mixed by: Tricksta

Wild Samson – Earl Grey Muskets

1 . Wild Samson – Justicano (Produced by Yo Red, Who Dis)
2. Wild Samson – Golden Standards (Prod. by Beatenaunt)
3. Wild Samson – Larry Holmes Ft. Hazz, Airklipz (Produced by Yo Red, Who Dis)
4. Wild Samson – Shinobi (Prod. by Midas Cash)
5. Wild Samson – New Home Ft. Airklipz, Hazz (Prod. by Sunday)
6. Wild Samson – Everyday Hero (Prod. by Midas Cash)
7. Wild Samson – Dust Showers (Prod. by Thugs Bunny)

Nyark Music

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