Zatoichi's Ears - Makato Happ's Dead Heart

Zatoichi’s Ears, the in-house producer from Gold On The Mixer has released his ten track album Makato Happ’s Dead Heart. He’s getting out from behind the boards to bless the mic with beats provided by Palmer Eldritch.

All bars written and recorded by: Zatoichi’s Ears
All beats, mixing and mastering by: Palmer Eldritch
Art by: Life Form

Zatoichi’s Ears

Gold On The Mixer

Track List:

  1. Start Screen 01:43
  2. Nanogate 02:26
  3. Broken Shallows 02:07
  4. Dusk Moths 02:18
  5. Zebes 01:25
  6. Forest Slums 03:04
  7. Violet Scriptures 01:58
  8. Douklan’s Leap 02:05
  9. Jin’s Potion 02:56
  10. End Credits 01:21

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