DJ MK Presents 'It's All Live' and Mystro and Blufoot 'Open Mic' Radio Promo - Kiss FM 30th Jan 2002

Following the release of DJ MK‘s ‘It’s All Live‘ single on Stonegroove Records and Mystro and Blufoot‘s ‘Open Mic‘ single on Camshot Records, some of the UK’s now legendary MCs visited The Chubby Kids on Kiss FM to promote the singles.

‘It’s All Live’ features Supa T (Sundragon), Jehst, Kyza and Harry Love, and we’re given an update on what each have been up to in the lead up to the single.

Mysdiggi (FKA Mystro) and Blufoot run through the story behind the Open Mic single and Mysdiggi provides some context to the B-side track ‘Keep Smilin‘.

After both crews have promoted their singles and said their piece we were treated to a dope freestyle session. Sadly, the DV tape ran out before the freestyle session ended but the full audio version is available at DJ Step One‘s blog here:

Take a look around the blog while you’re there, loads of great content for Hip Hop lovers.

00:00 – Introductions – Supa T, Jehst, Kyza and Mr Lawson
04:22 – DJ MK Presents ‘It’s All Live’ LIVE featuring Supa T, Jehst, Kyza and Harry Love
09:30 – DJ MK Interview
10:57 – Mysdiggi and Blufoot Interview
17:07 – Mysdiggi and Blufoot ‘Open Mic’ LIVE
20:33 – Freestyle – Supa T and Jehst

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