Verbs of Iron Bridge ft. Danny Wee - Rebel

One half of legendary Essex crew Iron Bridge back in action alongside Danny Wee. Rebel is the first official single from Verbs of Iron Bridge’s debut solo album ‘Visionary‘ with cuts laced by Jabba Tha Kut to be released June 2021.

At 130bpm and laced with ska style horns for the main riff, Rebel is a fun genre hopping and entertaining adventure, emphasised by the cartoon-esque crazy visuals in the music video. The song makes for a great and light-hearted introduction to the Visionary project, prior to the release of the more serious and potentially controversial follow up single ‘Cancel Culture‘ next month.

Hailing originally from Essex, UK just outside of East London and now residing in Thailand, Craig Verbs is one half of UK underground hip hop duo Iron Bridge and vocal sparring partner to the phenomenally talented and lightening fast Jibbarish. As well as being a member of UK super group Concrete Slugz (Wisdom, Tekneek, I-Ty, Mr G, Jibbarish and Verbs) and the recently formed Shadow People with long time friend and ally Apocraphe.

Having released music independently for over 25 years under their own Iron Bridge Records imprint and enjoying respect and a cult following in the UK underground Iron Bridge are now working independently and collectively to start making some real noise in the new digital age.

Expect to see further future collaborations between Verbs and Nottingham’s own Danny Wee.

Written and performed by: Verbs of Iron Bridge and Danny Wee
Produced by: Verbs of Iron Bridge
Cuts by: Jabba Tha Kut
Recorded at: Ozzystudiopattaya

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