Weirdoe - Decoys

Northampton based Weirdoe‘s new single Decoys is the lead single from his upcoming mixtape. Set over a haunting beat, produced by frequent collaborators Harlz and Grimmm, Weirdoe delivers a compelling flow, with lyrics that paint a scene straight out of a horror film.

The opening lines “Underdog, put your bets on” is Weirdoe acknowledging that he may be seen as the underdog, but that he challenges anyone to try and stop his rise to the top.

This dive into the mind of the wordsmith, has his versatility as an artist on display, something which he demands to be recognised with lyrics such as “They wanna hear me spit, but I’m an artist like Monet” Weirdoe is making his fans and critics aware that they can never know what his next move will be.

Each Weirdoe release promises a few things and one of them is raw energy, something which Weirdoe has shown ever since his JDZ debut back in 2013. Decoys sets the bar for the year to come, as Weirdoe embarks on the roll out of his biggest and most ambitious project to date.


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