Youthstar and Miscellaneous - Sneakers, Kicks, Trainers, Creps

Ahead of their new studio album ‘Out Past Curfew‘ dropping later this year, rappers Youthstar (UK) and Miscellaneous (France) are back with single number two ‘Sneakers, Kicks, Trainers, Creps‘.

Produced by Coeur Nwar (duo composed by Atom from C2C / Beat Torrent and Rezo from Rezinsky), this new track from Youthstar and Miscellaneous is a pure, powerful, and catchy Hip Hop / electro banger dedicated to all sneaker lovers.

The track comes with a music video where the two MCs show off their huge sneakers collection, and take care of their shoes as if they were their own kids.

As they said: “Some call it a passion, I call it a vice!

Another taste of their explosive upcoming album, which drops via Chinese Man Records October 2021! 

Sneakers, Kicks, Trainers, Creps is out now. This is a certified banger, and some seriously good fun!!



Chinese Man Records

Youthstar and Miscellaneous - Sneakers, Kicks, Trainers, Creps

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