Roc Raida (The X-Ecutioners / DMC World Champion)Roc Raida began his DJ career in the early eighties. Surrounded by such inspirations as his father, a member of the Sugar Hill Records act Mean Machine, Raida cultivated his interest into an absolute passion. Now, Roc Raida is considered among the best within the hip hop and DJ scene and has brought the art of Turntablism and Party rocking to a fresh new level.

Immortal Technique: Radical Rapper Takes On The American DreamDominic Kavakeb profiles US rapper and activist Immortal Technique, while Anindya Bhattacharyya reports from a lively discussion session with the artist. “Imperialism is sponsored by corporations – that’s why Halliburton gets paid to rebuild nations”, is a line typical of Immortal Technique, the New York based MC who combines the anger of the early hip-hop era with hard hitting political lyrics that set him apart from most rappers today.

Back in the day, before the emergence of Gangsta Rap there were several jump up and party anthems. Part of the inspiration for that exciting time period in musical history was a talented recording group out of Boston - Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch. The group (founded by New Kids On the Block’s Donnie Whalberg) transcended musical barriers and created what became known as their own brand of music of the people.

Khia - BiographyBorn in Philadelphia and raised in Tampa, Florida, Khia has been writing and singing Rap, R&B, and Gospel all her life. She danced Tap, African, and was a boisterous cheerleader. She performed at school, in talent shows, and parades. She never failed to use her home as a stage when all else failed. And to this very day, Khia still breathes to entertain through music.

Souls of Mischief's Opio To Release Trilogy of AlbumsOpio, member of the classic hip-hop group Souls of Mischief, has released details of his sophomore solo album, Vulture's Wisdom, Volume 1. The album will include a bonus DVD with music videos as well as animated shorts and features artwork by renowned pop artist David Flores. The album will be released in August on Hiero Imperium Records as the first chapter of a forthcoming trilogy.

Ali Vegas - BiographySky is blue like a pig's eye / Birds chirp like a lady that just got raped by ten guys / Nigga's die over rumors and lies / What a beautiful day. – Ali Vegas age 6. It was these prolific words from the mouth of a six year old, that prompted Tosha to put his young cousin's words on a t-shirt, documenting the first rhyme of an artist who would, one day, come to be known as one of hip-hop's lyrical legends.

Abstract Rude - BiographyAbstract Rude stands as one of hip-hop's most accessible healers. Since first making regular appearances at L.A.'s legendary Goodlife open mic sessions circa 1994, this MC has steadily found the ideal balance of strong lyrical substance and high entertainment value. Unafraid to sing his own hooks and break out multiple flows within single songs, Ab Rude is one of the most multifarious graduates of the fertile L.A. rap scene.

Yarah Bravo - BiographyFrom smoky poetry bars to hip hop ciphers, a voice can be heard, a voice that is slowly rising itself up from underground mix tapes to vinyl crates, from stages to the airwaves. Her style is soulful and sweet but yet powerful and strong, she is a vocalist as well as a lyricist and knows how to use both sides of the coin well. If you haven't already heard of Yarah Bravo, It's about time you pay attention.

Ewing - BiographyEwing hails from Scotland, and is now based in London. He  has been playing music from an early age, starting on piano at age 5. Recently returning from the US after working with acclaimed soul producer Steve 'The Scotsman' Harvey on his demo for Island Records, where he worked with musicians who formed part of Stevie Wonder’s band as well as working for Michael Jackson and Chaka Khan.

Shaya - BiographyBorn in the Bay Area, Santa Rosa’s Shaya has called many places home, and seems to have carried pieces of those experiences with him. “Childhood wasn’t really all that good, but it wasn’t all that bad either”, says the man today. That may be an understatement. From birth, Shaya was physically abused - as were his mother and sisters. His childhood was one exposed to violence and addiction.

Social-Networking And Gaming Site Launches May, the flagship social networking and gaming site from digital platform owner Thirdeye-T, is launching in the UK in May 2008. Powered by ThirdEye-T’s revolutionary new software HoolaNet™, will combine console quality gaming with social networking, offering a street-car racing game, dating, movies, celebrity-making, music capabilities and an in-game comic.

Baby J - BiographyBaby J is a producer from the UK currently splitting his time between the UK and NYC. An experienced producer he has worked internationally for the last eight years. He was first found back in 95 when an A&R at Wu-tang heard a demo he had produced and brought him in to work with up and coming acts.

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