Krazed The Palestinian - Ready For War - Gaza Remix [Audio]

The UK's own Krazed The Palestinian has somehow enveloped and artistified the collective spirits of the millions marching to the streets every day all over the world in response to the too long lived illegal occupation of Palestine.

Ironically enough, Ready For War is deceptive; there is no war going on. When one side has all the weaponry and armed forces, supplied and funded the mainstream market of Coca Cola, McDonalds, Starbucks and L'oreal… And the other is over 50% children, 99% mental disfigured by the inhuman injustices of the Israeli government.

While Muslims, Christians and Jews lived in peace throughout history in the Holy Land, the introduction of the highly offensive, highly unfoundationable Zionism has created only martyrs in children, and a soldier mentality in the average Palestinian. While Muslims and Christians cry out against the slaughtering of their brothers and sisters, and Orthodox Jews cry out against the butchering of their beliefs; their cries are practically unignorable throughout the rest of the world, except for in Palestine. In Palestine the tanks, the bombs, the gun shots, the shouts, the screams, the crying; they all work together in dissolving the very idea than anyone, anywhere, cares enough to save them for this inexcusable injustice.

'Ready For War' perfectly illustrates the mind of the Palestinians, "60 years of the law breaking me". Whose heads we cannot possibly understand when we were not born, beaten and bruised in this huge Zimbardo style prison simulation. The gun shots we hear on ever hip hop track are not the gun shots of rude boi ego clashes. They are not the petty shots of a society where benefits, jobs, freedom and human rights are forgotten and violence and hatred are glamourised. They are the gunshots of the oppressed.

Krazed has a musky passionate voice that is impossible not to draw you into the march. While I refuse to condone the sickening violence which we have seen at a few less successful protests (it makes you just as bad as those you are protesting against), if war is in this context, is a struggle, a struggle any morally objective human being needs to join the Palestinians in rising up from.

Then my green, red and black flag remains a blanket for my soul.

By: Nino

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