Summers Sons - Still Nothing Still

Two brothers, surname Summers. London rap duo Summers Sons return with a new sound and vision. Still Nothing Still is a far cry from the beloved jazz rap the group is known for. The jazz influence is still there but sonically and lyrically Turt and Slim are playing in a class of their own.

Slim is adding a more electronic, trip-hoppy vibe to his beautifully executed beats. Turt delivers his raps with a new urgency and confidence. Having been diagnosed with epilepsy in 2021 had a major impact on his life and art. As a lyricist, Turt has always worn his heart on his sleeve but never so honestly, poetically, vulnerably, angrily, and sharp as on Still Nothing Still.

Since 2018 Summers Sons have released four albums (‘Undertones‘, ‘Uhuru‘, ‘The Rain‘, ‘Nostalgia‘) and a string of high profile collabos with artists like C.Tappin, Twit One, The Silhouettes Project and Koralle. Not forgetting Slim’s beat tape for KO-OP.

In 2023, Turt released the album ‘The Questions‘ as one third of the project Syrup (the other two are Twit One and C.Tappin) while Slim released an album project (‘Cerulean‘) with Benaddict and Ella Mae Suref. Turt also dropped two singles with the Silhouettes Project alongside Nix Northwest and Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn.

Releases April 12, 2024 on Melting Pot Music.

All tracks produced and mixed by: Slim
All lyrics written and performed by: Turt
C.Tappin – keys & vocals on “Amnesia“, keys on “What It Is” and additional keys on “Nothing Still“.
Poppy Daniels – horns on “Nothing Still“.
Recorded at RTB Studios, South Bermondsey.
Mastered by: Roe Beardie
Photos by: Sebastian Luke-Virgo

Summers Sons

Track List:

  1. Amnesia
  2. What It Is
  3. Growing Pains
  4. Roots
  5. Sonbeams
  6. Numb
  7. The Buzz 02:33
  8. The Blues
  9. Epilectric
  10. Nothing Still (feat. C.Tappin & Poppy Daniels)
  11. One
  12. Only Change
  13. Fidget
  14. Harmony
  15. The Thirst
  16. Mother Earth
  17. Summers Sons Pt.2

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