Bashy - Sweet Boys Turned Sour

First track from Bashy‘s forthcoming LP Being Poor is Expensive is ‘Sweet Boys Turned Sour‘ which features soulful melodies, pounding 808s and a Jamaican dancehall influenced sub-bass in a rich, intentionally layered track which vividly illustrates Bashy’s prowess as a wordsmith and storyteller, recounting his experiences and the reality of moving between life at home and the environment immediately outside his front door.

The video was directed by George Power and shot last month around Combe House on the Brunel Estate, where Bashy lived during his formative years.

Speaking on the track Bashy states, “This is how me and so many others grew up in London and likely the rest of the country; regular sweet kids, working class, trying to navigate being outside, adapting to the environment the best way they can. If you can relate, bless, if not, hear and see man’s story“.

Produced by: Aaron Levy, Toddla T and Bashy



My childhood was lover’s rock, rhythm and blues, dancehall,
Man used to go bonkers at playing conkers, pogs and playing marbles,
loved British Bulldog, Hide and Seek and Pass the Parcel, Street fighter, ’round the time that
Wrighty Played for Arsenal,
Fast forward, Money up against the school yard wall, go home watch X-men and Marvel at hey
I was still a Virgin but all of my thoughts carnal, like can I hit your g spot baby throw it back to
Wayne Marshall, Dark horse, but was a sensitive child, temperament mild, never been wild,
rarely was riled, presentable while was never in style, man never had a Avi, wasn’t wavy and yet
I stood out, I was sweeter than Lyle’s golden syrup always a smile before the ends and my poor
choice of friends made me vile, life would’ve been different if I grew up in Chalfont St Giles, but I
grew up in KG, made me cagey, lucky that I always got home safely only know that looking back
on it now, saw my first strap at 15 I was just chilling at my pals, he let me hold it,oh, fucking ell,
that could’ve went south but to his credit took back cleaned it and wiped all down, he pulled
out a stack, I’d never even seen that amount, he said to roll with him so I rolled with him for a
bit then I bounced, naive to it all but that’s the kinda ting I was ’round, the writing was on the
wall needed more than parkour to get out, I’m showing you how.
Good Youts Turn Foul,
Soft Kids Turn Shower,
I’m telling you how,
Sweet Boys Turn Sour,
My mum was around, my dad was around, raised me well, but soon as I come out the house,
The zones got me with the influence
That’s how it is in most instances,
Where do we come from? North Weezy,
At the time growing up wasn’t easy, please believe me,
So even though the ends is picturesque and leafy,
Underneath the surface it is greasy different day same feces,
Started at school, Brent Cup, started at Ball, a hard tackle was the start of it all,
Friends on the side of the pitch starting to taunt,
now on the summer holidays see them at parties and war,
Them fun fairs weren’t fun affairs but were hard to ignore,
Stand by the bumper cars and screw the other side ’til your bored,
Physically or mentally, then back to Kensal Green,
I coulda been a rest in peace in Kilburn times, many times, but it weren’t my time,
Lucky I was acting, I was early on my grind, early on in life, man were violating all my pride,
Thoughts were swirling and swirling, til there was murder on mind, good yout, but I was turning
to survive, end up purchasing a knife, next man to try a ting is getting chinged, laws of attraction
is a thing, as the universe would have it, man tried it went home and grabbed it, came back a
savage and tried to stab him, he jumped back and started Justin Gatlin, I chased him and tried to catch him, he’s lucky I never caught him, I’m lucky I never caught him, if I did I woulda have bored him, the karma that woulda bought me, been arrested by the morning, two sets of
parents balling, my mum woulda never thought it, thought I was chilling at Courtney’s,
Yeah I know that sounds sordid, but everything that I saw, did.
Good kids turn foul
Soft youts turn shower,
I’m telling you how,
Sweet Boys Turn Sour,
My mum was around, my dad was around, raised me well, but soon as I come out the house,
The zones hit you with the influence
That’s how it is in most instances,

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