Locks Myth X MarCoolie - Tell Me I'm Crazy

Tell Me I’m Crazy‘ is the first single from Locks Myth and MarCoolie‘s project, and provides a rich variety of musical moods and production vibes layered with engaging lyrics and captivating vocal delivery.

As he invites the listener to capture a segment of his mind set, Croydon’s Locks Myth glides over the ambient beat, showcasing a multitude of vocal styles and flow patterns, proving the umbrella genre of Hip-Hop can be used timelessly in a fusion of all its subgenres.

Their LP introduces both an innovative sound and soulful new alternative rap project by the name of ‘Trip Soul‘ from emcee and producer pairing, Locks Myth and MarCoolie.

With its sound inspired by Bryson Tiller’s Trap Soul album (with less R&B and more ambience), Trip Soul aims to be a subgenre of Hip-Hop’s alternative alter ego.

Speaking on the concept behind Trip Soul, the emcee and urban dancer said, “The sound was created to relate to the wild side of the roaring twenties, hoping listeners take solace in not being the sole party of these inevitable life lessons. It is an outlet for every party animal that still has a future“.

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