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Creative Control Music is the culmination of humans, turntables, mics, musicians, samplers, dusty records, digital synths, loud nights out and quite nights in…

Collaborators since 1998 include, Banksy, Lopez, Organix, the Numskulls, Luke Harney, Lexis, Tommy Evans, Cello, Leighton Masters, Buzwell, Aristazabel Hawkes, Caitlan Bowles, Alone, Ben Todd, Compos, Step Child, Sie Relent, Chris Tempa, DJ Para, Ben One and growing.

Over the years Creative Control has taken many forms: a Label, a Sound System, even a Band – who knows what lays in store for the crew but one things for sure – music please…







Artist Roster: Creative Control,

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  1. This was all the work of one individual and those that know, know. No other artists were involved and claims above are a falsehood. Ownership of all rights are CC and LJT Bukem can clarify this, the artists listed were just session players for the bigger chess game of this self created project – this just needed to be cleared up as many rumours surfaced at that time about other artists works being somehow independent of the project and the bigger scope of Creative Control, the clue is in the name & should not be forgotten.

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