Matty Lloyd

Coinciding with the release of his collaborative LP with Nutty P entitled Episode One managed to catch a few words with Matty Lloyd about the album. What were the circumstances surrounding you and Nutty P first working on a track?

Matty Lloyd: I approached Nutty P to do a song commemorating the 10th anniversary of my brother committing suicide. It wasn’t a tribute song as I’d also lost another of my brothers to suicide in 2013, it was more to speak on the aftermath of going through that situation and how those around you act when dealing with it face to face. Can you let us know how the LP came about?

Matty Lloyd: I went back to Nutty as we discussed making a full project, and he agreed. I didn’t know exactly what direction I wanted to go in, I just wanted to make a solid rap project What was the fist song that you worked on together?

Matty Lloyd: The first song he put to me was ‘Psycho’. He’d laid the hook and as I’d had some experience with battle rap, he said he wanted me to be a little bit braggadocio, so I aimed it at the industry and how they only push one narrative… it is a tongue-in cheek-song littered with elements of truth. Overall what is the general feeling on the LP?

Matty Lloyd: We touch on numerous topics throughout, some being extremely serious and others just generally taking the piss. How did you and Nutty P come to know each other?

Matty Lloyd: Me and Nutty P were introduced in 2006 and over the years we have been able to develop a friendship. We’re not too different when it comes to what we’re influenced by, so making beats tailored specifically to me wasn’t hard at all. On the tracks he’s featured on he’s just as open and personal and almost as ridiculous as me. We just had fun with it. There was no feeling of being competitive, trying to get one up on the other or trying to fit into whatever is deemed relevant by industry standards. They don’t make the music, we do!

Check out Matty Lloyd’s LP here:

Matty Lloyd

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Matty Lloyd

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