Chairman Maf - Romeo Brass

This is Chairman Maf‘s first album that is not purely instrumental featuring a mixture of beats with rap and soul acapellas as well as some straight up instrumental bangers. “The Pits” features eleven tracks of moody introspection, head nodding Middle Eastern grooves, and some very unnecessary swear word samples to upset your Nan.

Inspired by living for over thirteen years surrounded by the pits and mines of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, “The Pits” is another essential CM release that you need in your life. Trust meh.

Acapellas used include: Mos Def, Phonte, Rapper Big Pooh, Buckshot, MF Doom and Big Noyd

Mastered by: Dusty Ohms

Artwork by: Forest DLG at KMJ45 studios |

Chairman Maf

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