Dr Syntax - Hire Me MP3 [Dented Records]

After a notable absence from the scene, one of the UKs most highly regarded lyricists Dr Syntax returns with a corker of a track that will doubtlessly add to his reputation as one of the most unique and talented emcees in the game. Given the unprecedented amount of twentysomethings currently twiddling their thumbs on the dole, Hire Me is a timely release brimming with Syntax’s trademark self-deprecating humour.

Following the introductory skit, which sets up a job interview scenario, the Dr breaks down in all honesty why he is every employers nightmare. Lazy, work-shy and dysfunctional, yet with an air of self-loathing and desperation, Syntax is the voice of a generation of slackers who would rather be shamelessly indulging themselves than slaving for a corporation, yet have no option but to suit up and attempt to sell their souls (at an increasingly cheap going rate).

Long-term co-worker The Evil Sun (of Bonobo’s live band) provides the ideal laid back but insistent backdrop for Syntax’s despondent musings. Together they have created one of the most original, perfectly executed and downright hilarious singles of the year a world away from the shallow glitz of the current crop of chart-topping UK pop rappers. Mind you, at least those guys can hold down a job.

Mary Anne Hobbs co-signed dubstep dons Statix provide an ingeniously dark, bass-heavy reworking, while drum and bass newcomers Activists supply a jump-up remix more hectic than the most debauched office Christmas party. As if that wasnt Down With The Kids enough for you, B-Side Productions video is a surreal masterpiece in its own right, surely destined for viral glory.

Release Date: 27th September 2010

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