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Birmingham native Thai Mason releases the mind-blowing music video for ‘Stoic‘, a track taken from his recently released LP Forever. The video is directed and edited by Joe Nancarrow, the creative mind behind GulkaraTV and is available now via their YouTube channel.

Produced by Bearcubs, ‘Stoic’ begins with murky synths and an industrial drone, creating a bleak but alluring atmosphere. As the track unfolds, rapturous drums and bulky 808s underpin Thai’s verses that detail the necessity for a strong will in withstanding life’s inevitable suffering.

Creating a hyper-surreal world via the use of clever VFX techniques, the music video depicts Thai in various unearthly scenarios (arm wrestling with himself, a never ending chess match and holding the world on his shoulders) that test his resolve, highlighting the internal struggle involved when dealing with life’s challenges.

The music video’s director Joe Nancarrow says, “There is one stand-out theme throughout this video and that is the battle we face within ourselves when going through times of hardship. This is visualised through scenes in which the artist is in challenging scenarios but is staying strong and focused whilst performing“.

Thai adds to this by saying “I wrote ‘Stoic’ during a really difficult time in my life, shortly after my dad’s passing. The song mirrored the resolve that I was able to find amidst the immense waves of grief and once I had it recorded, it was something I would play over and over and draw strength from. Working with Joe on the video was such an enjoyable experience, the way that he was able to visualise the concepts taken from the song was really impressive. As heavy as the song feels, I think we still had some fun with the visuals and Joe really executed the VFX shots to a super high standard“.

‘Stoic’ is taken from the eleven track LP Forever released by Thai Mason at the end of 2023. Across the album, Thai examines the subject of grief, using his personal experience with the loss of a parent to craft a piece of work that meditates on the transformative nature of death.

Production across the project is imaginative and adventurous, with its short list of collaborators (HightBearcubs and Laurie Revell) creating a highly cohesive body of work in both theme and sonics. The album also sees Thai flex his own talents in production for the first time across three tracks on the project.

Continuing to display his ambitions for creating out-of-the-box and thought provoking works, the music video for ‘Stoic’ is a piece of art that sets Thai Mason apart as a fresh voice in the often monotone UK rap / Hip Hop space.

Thai Mason


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