Mark Pritchard is so annoyingly talented and adaptable. I’ve often wondered if a musical genre exists he doesn’t excel in. A genuinely experimental soul he’s not one for doing the same thing twice either. Since proving his Hip Hop aptitude with the incredible exotic boom bap of the Harmonic 33 EPs he’s been working towards a more digital left field sound, throwing Dubstep and techy Dancehall flavours into the mix.

His latest foray into minimal madness is as crazy as ever, but unfortunately contravenes the boundaries of my taste range in places. Title track ‘Dirtbox’ is so dark it could soundtrack a gang rape, its impenetrable rumbling bass and random drama synths scaring the living shit out of my girlfriend.

Arc Light’ flexes a fresh and more conventional head nod vibe while ‘Wobbz’ is just a genuine oddity, a brutal dancehall bleep fest with an insane wandering bass line that just screams ‘turn me off’! Where will he go next? God only knows – my fear is that it may be utterly unlistenable. Definitely one for the more open minded beat-heads.

By: Max Weldon

Mark Pritchard

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