Lowstarr - In Search Of The Light MP3 [Lowstarr]

Lee Ramsay AKA Lowstarr has been around since the early 90’s representing Nottingham’s music scene. One of the first MCs to have a video on MTV and having appeared on the UK version of the Yo! MTV Raps, he is no joke! Far from his days on Westwood with Outdaville (http://www.discogs.com/artist/Out Da Ville ), Lowstarr now writes and produces for a new breed of talent.

His new EP, Modern Hip Hop, with the lead single Oh My Dayz, is one you need to be listening to.

Oh My Dayz is a good looking single; easy melodies, nice vocals, cool rhymes, and a smooth feel from a heavy chorus! (oh my dayz… ) The simple video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQr89eOR_gQ (sorta budget Hype Williams-esque with the half screen!) works well with the funky record, as do the Blackberry raps, and Lowstarr’s impressive female imitation, hah! He also addresses the name change ‘from LR to Lowstarr’, so coolly and appropriately for hardknocks. Check out LS’s dancing near the end too, sums the tune up perfectly! Definitely worth a listen… or two.

The EP itself is pretty solid. A clever mix of four very different tracks, from the up tempo Reminisce – heavy strings and percs, with LS killing the first verse with seeming ease. A summery Take You, and a symphonic Orchestra Minded.

By: Gino Engle


Lowstarr - In Search Of The Light MP3 [Lowstarr]

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