The Spectre ft. Fruit Salad - Look Around You MP3 [Indie]

French-born and London-bred, The Spectre has been making hip hop music since he was 14. A prominent lyricist, and the producer of most of his beats, he grew up on bands like Eminem and Wu-Tang, wordsmiths who recognised the importance of lyricism in their raps. The Spectre isn’t about guns and drive-bys, but rather introspection, relationships and domestic hardships. Who said hip-hop had to be all “bling bling” anyway?

This alternative approach to creativity is reflected in The Spectre’s advent to music. No longer focusing on albums, The Spectre has instead chosen to release videos and short musical films, most of which he also directs himself.

At the age of 17, he suffered a transient ischemic attack, a kind of stroke which comes and goes without warning. Having that experience made him realise death is around the corner for all of us. The Spectre’s offerings ‘Alone in Hollywood‘, ‘Self-Titled‘ and ‘Le Soleil‘ document the inner conflicts which can plague us on a daily basis. Ambition and doubt, illness and hope, love and hate.

Shortlisted for both the Best Live and Best Urban Act categories at the UK Exposure Music Awards a couple of years ago and also an early appearance on SB.TV’s Warm Up Sessions as well as an abundance of club appearances including Cafe de Paris, Cargo, I Luv Live and Paris’ Nouveau casino. The Spectre has been woorking hard at improving his profile.

This rapper from kicks witty lyrics over self-produced beats. His latest video sees the London rapper join forces with singer Fruit Salad to deliver an original song and self-directed video.

The Spectre

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