Ramson Badbonez - Lead by Example

Long established as a cornerstone of the UK hip hop scene, prolific rapper Ramson Badbonez swaps the mic for the mixing desk for the first time with the release today of his explosive new album Lead by Example through New Dawn Records.

One of the most impressive production debuts witnessed for many years is also extremely rare in nature. Seldom, if ever, has such a line up of hip hop heavyweights from the USA, UK and Canada featured together on the one record, all standing shoulder to shoulder to deliver the highest standard lyricism, compelling rhymes and slick wordplay.

Beats fused with original funk, soul, rare groove and jazz provide a powerful and diverse soundtrack laced with additional turntablism courtesy of ITF Advancement Champion DJ Jazz T, UK DMC Finalist DJ Miracle and IDA World Finalist Kompoze, while Ramson continues to showcase his own lyrical prowess on selected tracks. An essential collector’s item with few comparisons, a genuine landmark release.

Track List:

  1. On Your Mark (Intro) featuring DJ Miracle
  2. Stay True featuring Reks, Ruste Juxx and Blacastan
  3. Rap to the Future featuring Dizzy Dustin, Mr Hooper and Moka Only (cuts by Kompoze)
  4. Nonchalant featuring Mark Fear
  5. Bismillah featuring Justo the MC, Johaz and Sleep Sinatra
  6. Wolves featuring Phoenix da Icefire and Cyclonious
  7. Equality for Every featuring Chima Anya
  8. Lame Duck featuring Tru Trilla, Fly Kwa and Prince Ak
  9. Chinchillas
  10. Reservoir Dogs featuring Az Izz, Cymarshall Law, Speed Walton and Quip
  11. Black Hole Cypher featuring Kashmere, Truemendous, MysDiggi, Micall Parknsun, Joker Starr, Gee Bag, Confucius, Jehst and Phoenix da Icefire
  12. Lead by Example featuring Recognize Ali, Skyzoo and Juxx Diamondz (cuts by DJ Jazz T)
Ramson Badbonez - Lead by Example

Ramson Badbonez ft. DJ Miracle – On Your Mark [Intro]

On Your Mark featuring DJ Miracle is the opening track on the album.

Ramson Badbonez ft. Mark Fear – Nonchalant

Nonchalant features fellow UK rapper and producer Mark Fear who also mixed and mastered the album, with Ramson dropping some jewels of his own.

Ramson Badbonez ft. Justo the MC, Johaz [Dag Savage] and Sleep Sinatra – Bismillah

Bismillah features Brooklyn’s Justo the MC, San Diego / LA rapper Johaz originally of the group Deeprooted and now working with Exile as the duo Dag Savage, and ever prolific Nebraskan Sleep Sinatra.

Ramson Badbonez ft. Phoenix da Icefire and Cyclonious – Wolves

Wolves features fellow London rappers Phoenix da Icefire (ex Triple Darkness) and Cyclonious with Ramson himself droppin a verse.

A further remix of the track produced by NYC State’s Frost Gamble (now based in Canada) featuring an additional guest appearance by the UK’s Genesis Elijah will be released in the autumn.

Ramson Badbonez ft. Chima Anya – Equality for Every

Equality for Every, features fellow London rapper Chima Anya. Both Ramson and Chima share the mic to address civil rights, racial prejudice, and equal opportunities.

Ramson Badbonez – Chinchillas

Taken from the album “Lead by Example” by London’s Ramson Badbonez, his debut as a producer which features a unique line up of hip hop heavyweights from the US, UK and Canada, here he reminds us of his own renowned lyrical prowess by flying solo on Chinchillas.

Ramson Badbonez ft. Az Izz, Cymarshall Law, Speed Walton and Quip – Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs features New Jersey trio Az Izz (ex The Outsidaz), Cymarshall Law and Quip, plus Cincinnati’s Speed Walton who as an affiliate of Talib Kweli’s Reflection Eternal partner Hi Tek, formerly performed under the name Buggs Tha Rocka.

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