The Day The Earth Stood Still

This is the remake of the 1951 Si-Fi movie in which an alien sphere lands in Central Park New York and from this emerges Klaatu (Keanu Reeves), an alien with a message about the human race. A group of scientists are assembled one of which is Dr Helen Benson (Connelly) a widow with a step child (Smith).

Klaatu aided by an enormous robot brings a message that the human race is destroying the earth and this can not be allowed to continue, he is in fact the herald sent to reclaim the earth back from destructive mankind. Dr Benson becomes convinced the only way of saving the human race is to free Klaatu so he can deliver his message.

It's a very good looking movie; great effects and the actors are well cast. Reeves is great as the distant emotionless Klaatu, it's a part that is similar in many ways to Neo from the Matrix, blank and detached.

Unfortunately though, like Klaatu I felt detached and distant from the whole film. The world wide phenomenon of spheres appearing is only seen through TV screens – it's a story very based in the USA, their reaction to Klaatu's arrival and the decisions that are made about attacking the invaders are solely from a US view – as if the rest of the world doesn't exist. I wasn't convinced that humans had learnt their lesson and also ultimately why Klaatu makes the final decision he does – I'm not sure on the evidence of the film that I would.

Director Scott Derrickson

Keanu Reeves – Klaatu
Jennifer Connelly – Dr Helen Benson
Kathy Bates – SecDef Regina Jackson
Jaden Smith – Jacob Benson

I've also included the original 1951 poster for you to see – as I think its a classic!

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The Day The Earth Stood Still

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