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Blak Twang - Speaking From Xperience LP [Abstract Urban]

Blak Twang – Speaking From Xperience LP [Abstract Urban]

Twang’s back again (‘…Although I never left, I’m takin’ my seat back / Back with a spring in my step, back in my element…’) with his fourth album release, fifth if you count the never-released-due-to-label-problems, promo only ‘Dettwork SouthEast’. ‘Speaking From Xperience’ is an aptly named volume of work, and a hefty tome at that. Frankly, I recoil at the thought of reviewing an album with 18 tracks proper (24 counting skits). How can I possibly listen to that much music and assess it all at once? ‘Tis pretty hard, but I’ve started now haven’t I?

ILuvLive February 4th

ILuvLive February 4th

Following a hugely successful 20 dates around the country last year with 5 city residencies over 4 months, ILuvLive, London’s premier urban music showcase is back in the capital for it’s monthly shindig - bringing you best of urban music talent on the first Monday of every month.

2007 Is Gonna Be A Rotton Year - Blak Twang

2007 Is Gonna Be A Rotton Year

With a new, label, tour, album and two very hot singles ready to be released, 2007 looks like being a very good year indeed for Blak Twang AKA Tony Rotton. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Blak Twang’s first ever foray into the British music scene and comes with the announcement of the launch of his very own label, Rotton Product Records.