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Tiesto - July 30th 2010

Tiesto – July 30th 2010

So, Tiësto once again took over Victoria Park on the 30th of July 2010. I couldn’t get the afternoon off work so had to get there as soon as I could which turned out to be around 6pm. A situation that I’m sure many people had to endure until they were set free from the shackles of employment.

Tiesto Is Alive

Tiesto Is Alive

The world of dance music woke up this morning to the tragic news that the global DJ & Producer Tiësto had died in a car accident! It was 'apparently' reported that the car accident took place on Interstate 80 in California; State Highway Safety Investigators stated that DJ Tiësto lost control and rolled his vehicle several times killing him instantly.

Tiesto Returns To London's Victoria Park

Tiesto Returns To London’s Victoria Park

Special guest Eddie Halliwell joins the already colossal line up to headline the Mixmag & Don't Stay In arena, the international superstar DJ and technical genius will be heading to the incredible Victoria Park setting on the 30th July to 'Fire It Up' and blow the proverbial roof off! Globally renowned for his incredible sets, Eddie is set to send this clubbing experience off the scale!

Tiesto - Biography

Tiesto – Biography

The UK leg of the 'Kaleidoscope' became one of the most extravagant tours that the UK have ever seen. The shows were no-holds-barred, off the wall productions hosted by the world's premiere DJ. In fact, they didn't exceed expectations so much as blow them wide open.

Tiesto - July 31st 2009

Tiesto – July 31st 2009

As you may well know, Tiësto took over Victoria Park on July 31st. What I didn’t know was that the organizers used the set up for the Field Day festival, which pretty much meant that there was a whole festival to be had. There were 3 tents and a main stage. The tents played allsorts of old school music that I’m sure we all partied to back in the day. Which, I suppose, is exactly what you would expect when you have paid £36 to see the most famous trance DJ in the world.