Anteek Recipes - EP (Snippets)

Shuteyes (Buffalo / New York) and Dirty Hairy ( London / Zagreb ) connected in 2007 with a mutual love of hip hop and jazz. With consistent output a strong bond formed, and Anteek Recipes was born a few years later.

Their sound combines funky raw raps with topics spanning a general disdain for anything remotely commercial or fake, to stories and themes about graffiti, stealing records and straight up classic rap bars.

Hairy’s production is dusty MPC60 driven jazz loops, chops and breaks that are deeply excavated from the crates of the world.

‘EP’ is available to pre-order on limited edition blue vinyl, black vinyl and digital from Friday, 3rd February from the Village Live Records Bandcamp store

All copies are come with a hand numbered OBI strip.

Dirty Hairy

Anteek Recipes


Village Live Records

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