Chalk - Death Knocks And He Shall Die

Death Knocks And He Shall Die” is the third full length album by Manchester based producer Chalk. The album is released on vinyl and digital via Odd Particle Records.

“Death Knocks And He Shall Die” is a themed instrumental Hip Hop album presented as a 1970’s imaginary Motion Picture Soundtrack that was inspired by Italian ‘Giallo’ movies and Film Noir. The album uses samples of dialogue taken from numerous old films which were then arranged across sixteen tracks to tell a story of seduction, infidelity and murder.

Apart from the use of a few musicians that were brought in to play bass guitar, the album is made entirely from samples taken from old movie, library and jazz records. It utilises lots of seductive and haunting female singing, which lends a feeling to match the emotion of the lead female protagonist in each song / scene.

Production for the album was conceived during the first covid lockdown of 2020 and slowly took four years to complete.


Odd Particle Records

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