Beetone ft. Sketch Almighty - AutoPilot

Derby’s Beetone opening up his archives and showing his US connex. Here is AutoPilot featuring South Californian Sketch Almighty. The pair made this track back in 2021 to a completely different beat.

Speaking on why this resurfaced now, Beetone states, “funnily enough I was in the gym a few months back and I heard this remix I made come on through my old phone. Can’t lie I was like ‘Yooo this is proper!’“.

Continuing to elaborate on the background to the structure of the track Beetone says, “Originally it was sixty four bar from each of us flat out, but the decision to chose breaking down into eight was actually sort of genius of me, haha“.

Produced by: Beetone
Sample: BadzPoundcake


Sketch Almighty

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