Nick Roberts - Full Consciousness

Nick RobertsFull Consciousness LP. The highly anticipated new album with features from Pierce Artists, Habitat, Ash The Author, DJ Jabba Tha Kut and Cyrus Malachi. With Bukioe on the artwork and mixing / mastering from Forest DLG (fka Chemo).

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Produced by: Nick Roberts
Cover design and artwork by: Bukioe
Mixed and mastered by: Forest DLG for KMJ45 Studios |
Executive produced by: Nick Roberts and Steady

Track List:

  1. Now. Now. Now 02:49
  2. Illusory feat. Pierce Artists 02:16
  3. Full Consciousness 02:38
  4. The Pirate Station feat. Habitat 02:55
  5. Jumping the Shark 03:03
  6. Codebreaker feat. Ash The Author & DJ Jabbathakut 03:24
  7. The Unmanifested 03:12
  8. Intelligently Made feat. Cyrus Malachi 06:01
  9. Action at a Distance 02:24
  10. The Church Killed God 04:39
Nick Roberts - Full Consciousness

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