PastorZen x Spontaneous Monk - Zen And Monk

PastorZen from over there now lodging in Nottingham and Spontaneous Monk aka AdimProd deliver some alternative lo-fi Hip Hop, or what they are calling “an experiment in sonic disturbance“. The Zen And Monk LP is ten tracks deep with lyrics looking to make meaning out of chaos.


Spontaneous Monk

Th4 Collective

Track List:

  1. Tabula Rasa 01:55
  2. Dangerous (pt. 2) 05:52
  3. UniverSOL 05:01
  4. Force Feed (It’s On) 04:24
  5. Levitate 03:53
  6. Middle Ground 03:00
  7. Donald Cheadle 03:34
  8. Franz Kafka 06:36
  9. If I Were a Poet 01:47
  10. Pandæmonium 04:42

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