Gouki Productions - Exodus [Video]

Gouki Productions are from Macclesfeild / Manchester and consists of Chris (MC), Rob (MC), Ben B (MC), Ants (Producer), Jut (Producer) and Matt R (Producer/MC). Originally the group was formed in 2002, by Ants, Jut & Chris. Then during the release of Chris’ 1st promo they met up with Ben & Rob. A few months later Matt R was thrown into the mix.
Although they are a group they still operate as solo artists and have their own individual styles and ideas, which can be shared and collaborated in order to create a raw blend of hardcore, intelligent, and entertaining hiphop.

This is their first video for the Exodus track which is available on their demo.

If you are feeling this be sure to peep: www.soundclick.com/goukiproductions

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