Big Beano

Big Beano likes being mysterious with his musical sound. He blends his lyrical versatility and creativeness on 808 beats which set him apart from most artists. It gives him the raw edgy vibe, but he also makes some other beautiful songs that will leave most people surprised because they didn’t expect that music from him.

The playlists he listens to are very random but they have helped him figure out his own style of music. His musical influences include Drake, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Eminem and Kanye West. He’d love to collaborate with Drake because he grew up listening to his music and could relate to a lot of his songs, but he’d be more than happy to collaborate with any big artists.

Big Beano says that he has improved as an artist a lot over the years because he tried to discover his own purpose for music and took time out to understand his capabilities. Now he wants to share them with the audience.

Head Gone‘ is a very catchy song that people can relate to. The artist blended many different sounds to create something that people don’t hear often. The song has a vibrant aesthetic; it’s something that people can enjoy listening and dancing to.

Big Beano reached out to his close friend YoungBazzY to be featured on the track. Once they put their creative minds together in the studio, they ended up making a beautiful song, which is the first of many. ‘Head Gone’ will also have a music video.

Regarding his songwriting process, the artist said: “Usually, If I feel a beat, I can just hop on the mic and create quite easily. But if I were to put pen to paper without a beat  in mind, it would be something more in depth and something I wish to speak on”.

One of his biggest goals is to perform in Madison Square garden or at the Super Bowl one day. Being an athlete himself, he feels that he’d be representing all the athletes if he gets to perform there.

The artist feels that releasing a mixtape was a good start for him, allowing the audience to get a taste of what he can create, and his persona as an artist. He will consistently be releasing new songs, but there’s no confirmation regarding a full album or EP coming out soon.

Big Beano says that his fans are not just his fans but more like his family because they believe in him and his craft; they support him no matter what direction he plans to take his music in the future. He loves his fans and wants to engage with them as much as possible, which is why he thinks social media is a platform for him. He uses his socials to showcase his musical talents and his fashion sense to his supporters.

Listen to ‘Head Gone’ by Big Beano on Spotify.

Big Beano

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