G. Douglas

G. Douglas‘s music appeals to the imagination and sparks creativity. Her songs are inspirational and make you want to get up and dance. Drake and Eminem are her musical influences, which is a powerful combination, mixing their sounds results in a song as incredible as “Make That Money“.

She first started singing in Church, then on stage in plays and finally for friends and family. Music makes people happy and she tries to use her musical capabilities to put a smile on people’s faces.

Her song “Make That Money” was inspired by her husband and his passion to be bigger than life. The artist came up with the title and lyrics watching her husband ‘make that money’ and hopes to inspire her listeners to do the same.

People can feel connected to the song because everyone wants to make money. This song will hopefully motivate them to do just that, while also giving something fun to dance to.

Douglas writes songs based on how she’s feeling and what’s going on around her. All the different experiences in life are what inspire her songs and get her creative juices flowing.

The artist says: “I don’t need music to create lyrics.  The sounds around me are the fuel and my lyrics are the flame. When the two collide, well I can set this world ablaze”.

She is mainly involved in the lyricism of her songs and not in the production. She picks a music track she likes, puts lyrics to it, then the recording process begins. She is currently working on a new album that will come out in the near future.

Douglas enjoys listening to a wide range of artists because she believes everyone has something unique to offer and she can learn something from each one of them. She wants to support other musicians and would love to collaborate with some on future songs.

Since she is still a new artist, she’s still in the process of creating a Facebook page and an Instagram account where her fans can follow her and participate in her journey.

As a message to her supporters, she said, “Thank you for your love and support. You are all Stars!”

Listen to ‘Make That Money’ by G. Douglas on Spotify.

G. Douglas

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