Born in Towson, MD, JDHD is a multi-talented rapper, singer and record producer based in Westminster, MD. He began teaching himself how to rap and make beats at a young age. He has always had a wild imagination and a great ear for what sounds good. He developed an avant-garde style of rapping and production that makes for a once in a lifetime musical experience. In 2019, he independently released the two packs, “They Said” and “The Stairs” and in 2021, he released his 7-song album “Joshua Dorsey’s Higher Desires“.

My Light” is the fifth track of his seven song project. The song was entirely self-written and self-produced. It features a hard hitting beat, fiery lyrics and a memorable hook. The song was written during the pandemic, in the summer of 2020. Like the rest of the album, this song connects to a certain aspect of the artist’s personality and life. On days when he feels low on energy, this song energizes him. Just like him, everyone else also has low moments where they feel like they can’t take on life the way that they are supposed to. This song shows them that he can directly relate to that and wants to give them the inspiration to keep moving.

The artist said: “My goal with this song was to make sure all my fans feel just as fired up as me when they listen to the song”.

JDHD’s sound is very melodic, harmonic, digital and yet quite rough and energetic. His music is influenced by a variety of artists. He likes Kanye West and Tyler The Creator for their creativity, Kendrick Lamar for his lyricism, Flying Lotus for his creative boldness, James Blake for his melodies, Baby Keem for his raw energy and beat selections, and Michael Jackson for his work ethic and flair. Out of them all, Kanye is his favourite artist and it’s always been his dream to collaborate with him.

As a self-producer, JDHD tries to lay out the ideas that come to his mind into his muic to the best of his abilities. He crafts the beats first, then comes up with the lyrics whenever he feels inspired. Inspiration comes to him spontaneously and he tries to catch it whenever it does. The artist hasn’t had the chance to perform his original music live yet, but he is open to performing anywhere since he’s focused on reaching as many people with his newest project as possible.

Although he’s an introvert himself, the artist agrees that social media is the most important platform for musicians to promote their work nowadays. Everyone is on social media so you can directly connect with and communicate with your most loyal supporters from anywhere and that makes it extremely easy to gain recognition as an artist.

JDHD believes that the music industry is very oversaturated with the same things and he desperately wants to change the way music sounds in the modern day. So if you like what he has to offer, stick around because there will be more EP’s and albums in the future!

Listen to ‘MY LIGHT’ by JDHD on YouTube.

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