Kid Acne - Hauntology Codes

I wrote these raps from a pebbledash cul de sac” – so sets the scene for another Kid Acne Hip Hop adventure, the celebrated South Yorkshire visual artist and syllable scissor kicker continuing to be the man on the street with timeshares in a parallel universe.

Hauntology Codes‘ is his sixth solo album and continues to tackle the off kilter with disarming self-deprecation. Rhyme trends read like an algorithm gone rogue, such are the adroit spinning of believe-it-or-nots and disses both sly and straight off the playground, and the title is never better applied to an album paying attention to what the aesthetics of Hip Hop really mean in its 50th year.

Chicago’s Spectacular Diagnostics (who Acne provided artwork for on this year’s ‘Raw Lessons‘ LP) is back reporting for a third stint on production, unveiling another slew of gritty, self-styled Moon Bap beats, jolted by ray guns and loose nuts and bolts, and outbreaks of outer space Westerns.

UK stars and long time allies Cappo, Sonnyjim and King Kashmere shape up to the sound of Acne as “bombastic graffiti b*stard” one minute, “rhyme Dionysus” the next: all the while tapping into alternative energy sources, from Pat Benatar to Biff Tanner to Cyril Sneer.

Produced by: Spectacular Diagnostics
Label: Lex Records

Kid Acne

Spectacular Diagnostics

Lex Records

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