Tence - Telling Me Go

UK breakthrough rap artist Tence is set to disrupt the music scene with his latest single, Telling Me Go. Dropping a compelling narrative wrapped in the irresistible energy of a Jersey Beat. This track embodies passion and pragmatism, exploring Tence’s inner conflict between his undying love for music and the need to juggle other life interests.

With Telling Me Go, Tence weaves his lyrical prowess over a pulsating rhythm, creating an instant anthem for all who strive to balance their dreams and realities. The song is a testament to Tence’s versatility and a declaration of his commitment to authentic storytelling that is consistent throughout his art. Recent releases, Champagne Breakfast featuring Whitty, Moral Of The Story and Antidote, have collectively made an impact with his trademark videos shining above the masses. Set to break the mould of attitude versus artform, the sheer vibrancy of the vocals atop rolling beats and sweeping chords keeps his audience entertained.

Born and bred in the East Midlands, his formative influences emanate throughout his productions whilst maintaining an international appeal, quickly taking him from local talent to an international performer in the making. Following previous singles and successes, expect Tence to continue his metered rise to the forefront of the UK scene.

He is fast becoming a favourite of underground radio stations, landing in a myriad of street press and online channels. We’ve witnessed a growing worldwide interest in his unique delivery and authentic style with an extended fan base outside his native country. Triggering consistent Spotify plays and curated playlist placements is a testament to his relatability, buoyant lyricism and adept musicality, which clearly sets him apart from the general industry.

If you’re new to Tence you’re in for an exhilarating ride, as his vibe is highly engaging and entertaining with the sway of a well-seasoned artist. Notably he’s become one of the underground’s rising stars in 2024. On the flip side, if you’re already tuned in to his previous catalogue, then sit back and watch ‘Telling Me Go drop in full effect as December unfolds, we acknowledge that this marks the beginning of what lies ahead for Tence. After a year of substantial growth and evolution, a wealth of new projects for his burgeoning profile are yet to be unveiled.


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