Mxtty Holmes

Part 3 of ‘The Toxic Love Mixtape’ by Mxtty HolmesILWTL (In love with the liquor) brings us up close and personal with some of the many struggles experienced in a love gone wrong.

Although the girl he was in love with gave him great pain, Matty Holmes found a way to turn these experiences into emotional lyrical melodies that take the listener deeper and deeper. Who knows what we can expect next, but one thing is for sure – it doesn’t seem like things will be getting any happier any time soon.

She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not…‘ Some of the many questions Matty Holmes would ask himself time after time, night after night, lie after lie… ‘I swear it’s almost as if the closer she was to me, the more numb I’d become. All I know is, every night became the same thing: when the sun went to sleep, the moon came out and so did her demons. It’s honestly what inspired me to write the song, one night she just told me she was going to drink with friends and just didn’t come home, so I decided to write. She became my muse.”

Listen to ILWTL on YouTube and watch the Cinematic here.

Mxtty Holmes - In Love With The Liquor

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