Chicago born, London raised rapper Molatov draws inspiration from almost all genres of music. This shines through into his thrilling and highly versatile discography. Whether it be smooth melodies or aggressive hooks, Molatov is undoubtedly skilled at what he does.

Although spending the majority of his childhood in London rather than Chicago, Molatov still manages to channel the musical styles of both cities into what can only be classified as experimental trap.

Within only a year, Molatov had already dropped a six track EP “2017” and secured a feature on Tommy Benzo‘s “Unbalanced” album, Not to mention his affiliation with upcoming artists like Elfrid Jade and Richard Carter.

In Febuary 2021, Molatov went on to release his eight track mixtape titled “Never Again“, featuring popular singles such as “Vanity“, “Shadows” and “End Of The World“, which collectively have over 10,000 streams on Soundcloud.

Molatov’s upcoming release is “Red Summer“, a conscious but ominous drill anthem in which he reflects on his experiences as a black man in both America and the UK.

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