Ralph Mckinley Williams Jr

Artist Ralph Mckinley Williams has dropped his latest track, Bad Mental Health, to raise awareness of the tragic darkness that the mind can put people through – including himself. After experiencing a disturbance of mental illness in 2012, Williams was inspired to share his music in the most relatable way possible with a raw topic that affects staggering numbers of people across the globe. This song demonstrates that you can survive your struggle with the right support and treatment. With this in mind, this artist stands out from the crowd with his music having the ability to potentially save lives – with such a positive outcome, we can certainly expect this artist to grow in the near future.

Whilst being very dark, Bad Mental Health is also inspirational and can spark hope across anyone who listens to it. This is a sound that is a common occurrence in Williams’ other songs about major topics too. Inspired by rapper Kanye West, Williams’ recognises this artist as a normal person who has gone through mental illness himself, also admiring Eminem for his focus on serious issues. Additionally cherishing Lizzo, Lil Wayne, and Iggy Azela for their contrasts in amusement and seriousness, Williams also loves Lauren Daigle for her inspiring nature, even hoping to collaborate with her in the future. This artist currently listens to Olivia Rodrigo to surround himself even more with music, appreciating her perspective on heartbreak and how this experience can be highly relatable.

As a talented, developing artist, Williams’ claims that the songwriting process is naturally easy for him, with harmonies and lyrics constantly springing to mind. This artist can write and produce songs at a very impressive rate, his quickest being an astounding hour and a half. Being his own producer too, it’s clear from this that Williams has a passion for growing what he describes as new life, loving watching it develop into something real. This real connection that the artist has with his music is reflected in his favourite places he likes to perform in – intimate venues that allow Williams to share his music meaningfully with each member of the crowd.

With an album release on the way within the next six months, Williams is dedicated to continue inspiring people through his range of songs, hoping to pull people through periods of hopelessness with a little ray of sunshine in his music. Noting social media’s inclusivity, this artist will continue to take advantage of networks in the future to connect with his fans and share information about his music. This is a great place to go to access the range of Williams’ music, especially if you are seeking a source of hope and inspiration yourself. Therefore, keep on the lookout for more captivating beats and lyrics from this artist soon!

Listen to Bad Mental Health today on SoundCloud.

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