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‘Reborn’ by Uliy B is the artist’s newest EP which was inspired by personal experiences. The artist says, ‘I was going through a tough time with love and trying to find myself, within myself and other people. I was getting more attached to emotions than I was to my plans or goals. The first half of the EP expresses what I was feeling inside and all the inner demons I was fighting. The second half shows the side of love that no one really knows how to explain. I express how it goes in a cycle of letting someone go to meet someone new to not being able to stop thinking about them’. 

The artist believes that the most important thing when writing or creating is authenticity because you have to put yourself in a mentally and emotionally vulnerable place. Therefore, Uliy B is sure that his fans will relate to the EP. ‘I think the listeners and new fans are going to connect in the little lines and be like, “Holy Sh*t!! That’s so true!!” or “OMG, that’s so ME!!”‘. 

In this project, the artist was heavily influenced and inspired by Juice WRLD. He really likes the essence and emotions Juice WRLD puts into his songs, so Uliy B thought he could put his own flavor on to it. The artist always tries to write from the heart. Everything he writes is 100% authentic and true to him because he doesn’t like to make stuff up on the spot.

When it comes to lyricism and storytelling, Uliy B looks towards XXXTentacion, Phora, and The Kid Laroi. The artist would love to collaborate with a lot of people in the future. For writers, Destiny Rogers, Olivia Rodrigo, Ryan Tedder, etc. For artists, Phora, G-Eazy, Logic, Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber. Uliy B is currently listening to Juice WRLD because he’s one of the artist’s biggest influences.

The songwriting process for the artist starts with getting inspiration from anywhere. ‘For example, I’ll be listening to a certain genre of music and I’ll go to the studio, sit down and find the right beat. Once I have the beat, I think of a situation or specific moment in my life and go with it. I honestly love writing because I sometimes even discover feelings I didn’t even know were actually there’.

For the past two years, Uliy B has been planning a very special project. This project is going to talk about his past, present and future. This album is going to show a very versatile side of the artist.

Listen to ‘Reborn’ on Spotify.

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